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Patitta Koumkong
Our Founder & Technical Director

Patitta is the founder & Technical Director of Hyper Studio. A graduate in Business Marketing from DPU in Bangkok and with a Masters in Business Administration (Marketing) from Ramkhamhaeng University, she has over 25 years’ experience in artistic and creative pursuits, ranging from Hair Studio’s to Bag Spa’s.

Born in 1972 beside the famous Wat Phikul Tong in Singburi Province, an idyllic location on the banks of the beautiful Maenam Noi River. Educated both locally and in Bangkok, Patitta was a studious young girl. Despite her business & marketing oriented education, her true love was in creative and artistic pursuits along with a deep passion for nature & the outdoors. She had spent a lot of time with the park rangers in the nearby Khao Yai national park and in fact led tours on a hobby / volunteer basis for groups into this UNESCO world heritage site.

Patitta Koumkong Graduation
Patitta Koumkong Jungle

After leaving University in the early 90’s, Patitta worked in Bangkok for several large companies in a marketing capacity, but this only lasted a few years as her heart was always pining for a more artistic career.


In the 90’s she began creating artwork on fabrics and other similar materials. Soon following this Patitta began hand carving soap into intricate flower designs and encasing them in her hand painted Ceylon bowls. These were very popular and she began to sell them to customers from the US and Europe. While this was going on she also opened up two hair studios in Central Thailand that very extremely successful, with customers coming from a far to have Patitta style or colour their hair.

Patitta Koumkong Art
Patitta Koumkong Handcut Flowers
Paitta Koumkong

But as always she wanted to have a full time career in more artistic endeavours. From many requests in the early 2000’s, she began handmaking and hand painting custom shoes and handbags for clients from Thailand and overseas. This also became very popular and she went on to make hundreds of these pieces.

Patitta Koumkong Handpainted Handbags
Patitta Koumkong Handpainted Shoes
Patitta Koumkong Childrens Shoes

As time went on and from making treating personal items, along with applying and removing colour from many different leathers and other materials, Patitta became an expert on the subject. Again, from customer requests to treat their bags, she began her career in Handbag restoration and by 2012 was operating solely as a Handbag Spa / Restoration Company.


Patitta’s experience and skill levels grew dramatically and with the set up of Hyper Bag Spa she began receiving bags from all over the world, both mid-range and high value pieces.

Patitta Koumkong Handbag Restoration

Patitta began to open up workshops in Bangkok and other areas and the volume of items she was treating significantly increased. In 2017 she began teaching students in the art of handbag restoration and students from all over came to learn with her, both at her Bangkok & Lopburi training facilities. She also began making partnerships in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, assisting many individuals and companies to get into this unique business. She formed key partnerships in Bangkok with suppliers of products, accessories, leather, and tools allowing her access to some of the largest markets in this trade.

Patitta Koumkong

Patitta was approached by many large pre-loved handbag resellers and to this day has long term trusted relationships with them for both services and sales.


Today, in 2024, she has 3 training & service centres in Thailand and several partnerships around Asia. Her 25 years experience has made her one of the leading instructors in this business and Patitta has successfully trained 100’s of students from 28 different countries, forming many long term friednships along the way.


If you’d like to contact Patitta please use go the CONTACT page 

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