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Learn a unique & specialist skill from the comfort of your home !

Now offering online courses in Bag Spa & Leather Restoration, teaching a skill set that has applications across numerous items – handbags, wallets, purses and other related personal products.

Designed for all levels of interest - amateur's, hobbyists and professionals alike, our online courses allow our students learn a new & unique skill that can be used in a home setting or equally by students operating professionally from a commercial premises.


In the current trend of working from home, this course is perfect for those looking to enter a new business or one to supplement their existing income. With recycling, restoring and reselling being the growth industry for the future – leather & handbag restoration is an ideally suited business to invest in. 

Online Handbag Restoration Training

The benefits of learning with us:


* Our courses are run by some of the most respected and qualified Instructors in this business, with on-site teaching experience in Europe, the Middle East and throughout Asia


* An industry accepted certification on successful completion of training


* A training program with a proven track record, with many years of successfully run courses already completed


* A training pack is included in the course fee, consisting of our own branded specialist products, designed specifically for this business and for online training. Our products are among the most effective in this industry


* Services and skills taught are the latest in the trade, with many not available in many parts of the world


* Most of our customers go on to be professional handbag / leather restoration specialists, whether that’s working from a high street shop or operating from home


* We offer an unparalleled add-on support system, not just for technical issues but for business, fit out or equipment sourcing requirements


* The latest technology in cameras and conference call facilities, allowing us transfer this unique and specialist skill set across an online medium


* We offer training packages and solutions for hobbyists, Bag Spa Operators, Dry Cleaners and Bag Re-sellers. This covers both technical, business & equipment specific elements of this trade.


For more information please use the CONTACT form below:

Services Covered Include:


* Hardware Treatments, for brass and plated metals (clean & plating)

* Bio Clean Treatments for Leather, Canvas, Patent & Fabric

* Bio Clean Treatments for Inner Linings

* Stain & Mold Removal across multiple materials

* Vachetta Cowhide Treatments, both bright and patina

* Colour / Dye Treatments from Colour Restore to Complete Re-Colouring 

* General stitching and leather filler (repair) techniques and products 

Handbag Restoration Training
Handbag Restoration Training
Online Hnadbag Restoration Training
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