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Frequently Asked Questions 

4 Day Handbag Restoration Pro Course


Q Does this course teach all services related to handbag restoration?


A Yes, the 4 Day Pro Course covers detailed techniques used across all handbag restoration services, including the products used in those services. 


Q Does the 4 Day Pro Course include electroplating?


A Yes, we teach electroplating (both dip and brush on) as part of this 4 day course. The tuition is part of the course fee but the equipment is not. Please see the PRODUCT PACK  page for more detail


Q Is this course suited for someone in the preloved handbag sales business? 

A This course is ideal for those in the preloved bag sales industry as it allows the student to use the skills learned to vastly increase the profit margin on the bags they trade in. It also allows the student significantly broaden the range of handbags they trade in. In fact most of our students come from the preloved bag sales trade and it has substantially improved their business. 

Q Can I really learn all the handbag restoration services or become a qualified technician after just 4 days training?


A Our course is one of the most successful in the Bag Restoration business - it has been designed to demonstrate and teach all handbag restoration services over the 4 Day Course, the student will have physically carried out all of those services during their training. Despite been open to all levels of students, it's a serious commercial training program with an ultimate goal of ensuring the student can operate professionally as a handbag restoration specialist. Please note, the student must also allow for an average of 6 weeks home practice after completing the course, honing the skills and techniques learned during training. As a skilled based business, this time period varies from person to person. To note, we also provide extended training and custom built courses, with supervised practice periods designed for larger organizations with multiple staff, please contact us for more information. 


Q Is there support after training? What if I have problems or need to ask questions after the course?


A After the course each student opens a LINE or WhatsApp chat with the instructor, this connection is for life and affords the student post training tech support as well as any advice and guidance the student may need related to the trade.

Q What are the payment options?

A We accept most methods of payment, Credit / Debit Card, Bank Transfer, WISE, Xoom, Payoneer, Western Union & Moneygram are amongst the most common used. For online payments we use the Stripe Payments Platform. For our in-class and online classes we kindly request a 15% deposit on booking to confirm the students place and chosen dates. The remaining balance of fees can be paid on the morning the training starts. 


Q How does the Online Course work?

A The online course has become extremely popular with our customers who cannot travel to Thailand or have time constraints. The Online course is taught via the Zoom Video facility which is ideal for conducting a skill based course. We've successfully trained students from all around the world using this system. For those who have questions we recommend you avail of our free one on one zoom video call where we can provide you with a presentation on how it works and allows you ask any questions you may have. To book this call please use the CONTACT page. 

Q Why pick Hyper Bag Spa for handbag restoration training?


HBS is one of the leading handbag restoration trainers in the business. We've assisted hundreds of individuals and companies in over 28 countries successfully join this business, from existing bag spas, dry cleaners, alteration companies, bag resellers and those that work from home. One major benefit of learning with HBS is that we are not just trainers, we also run several fully functional Handbag Restoration Service Centres, treating thousands of bags annually for customers from all around the world. Our courses don't take place in hotel function rooms or meeting spaces but in state of the art and fully functional workshops. During our courses, the student is immersed in these studios and as part of the training, the 'fit out' and 'set-up' specification is shown. This built up wealth of knowledge in the industry is passed on to our students through our commercial courses.


Q Is there a product pack included in the course fee?


A Yes, the student gets a product pack (workstation set) as part of the course fee. Please see our PRODUCT PACK  page for more detail


Q Dose the product pack include the electroplating equipment?


A No, the product pack does not include the electroplating equipment, this equipment can be bought from us for 18,000 THB, Please see the PRODUCT PACK page for more detail


Q After training can I buy HBS cleaning products, colours, dyes & other items as I need them?


A Yes, our products are available to all of our students ongoing. During the course you will be given full details related to making product or equipment orders into the future


Q I see you have training centres in both Bangkok and Lopburi, do you have any training centres outside of Thailand?


A No we only teach the in-class / face to face 4 Day Pro course in Thailand. On occasion we teach outside of Thailand by special arrangement or larger contract business. For some international students who cannot travel to Thailand, we offer our very successful and popular online class, see the ONLINE TRAINING page for more details


Q Why Lopburi? Where is it?


A Lopburi is approx. 90 minutes drive north of Bangkok, HBS has its main service centres located in this city as well as our most equipped and largest training facility. The founder and many of the senior staff are from the area.

Q Do we receive a certificate after training


A Yes, the student receives an industry accepted certification after successful completion of the course. In many cases this certificate can be used for tradespersons liability insurance

Thank you, if you have any other questions that are not covered above please use the REGISTER form below or use the CONTACT US bubble on the bottom right, via whatsapp or messenger, and we will get back to you promptly. 

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