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Hyper Bag Spa Leather Craft Course
Advanced Leather Craft
HBS Leather Craft Course

As one of the leading handbag & leather restoration trainers in the market, HBS now offers an additional course to our training portfolio. As a standalone or supplement to our very popular Handbag Restoration ‘Pro’ Course, we also offer an advanced Leather Craft Program.

This course is designed to teach advanced Leather Craft, Luxury Leather ID, Bag Construction and Patterns, Hardware Removal and Replacement, Comprehensive Bag Repairs and essentially the inner workings of luxury handbags.


This 4 Day Course is geared towards those that wish to learn deep repair and construction techniques related to handbags. This Course combined with our 'Pro Handbag Restoration' Course represent one of the most comprehensive leather and handbag related training programs in this industry.


-The characteristics of leather & Luxury Leather ID

-Learning to create basic bag designs as a basis for bag repair skills

-Creation of pattern lining In order to repair or replace lining

-Learn the types of zippers

-Inserting zippers, solving the problem of broken zippers

-Carving rivets, a technique for modifying old rivets to make them reusable.

-Bag reshaping

-Learning the types of materials used for bag reshaping

-Learning how to change the cowhide on LV bags

-Learn how to make a line on cowhide.

-Learning to sew by hand

-Learning and practicing using a leather sewing machine

-Learning to use a claw foot machine

-Learning to use a skin peeler

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At HBS we have access to and supply the largest stock of handbag-related accessories, hardware and leather in the business. Based in Thailand we are surrounded by the most varied and well stocked suppliers to the handbag market. Our courses are designed and strive to achieve the goal of ensuring our students reach a professional and commercial level of proficiency in this trade.

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