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HBS Product Pack
Included in the Course Fee

Hyper Bag Spa Products

At HBS, we’ve developed our own branded cleaning products, paints & dyes. This followed a creative process over a 20 year period of development, which led to perfecting products specifically made for the handbag restoration business. Our products are considered as some of the best in the industry and are used by experts in workshops and studios around the world. 


Please note, unlike other restoration companies, our products are not available to the general public but are only supplied to our partners and students. They are effective and specialist items that are better used in trained hands. HBS also supplies a vast selection of handbag spare parts, accessories, leathers and other handbag related items. 

Hyper Bag Spa Products
Hyper Bag Spa Full Product Pack
The HBS Product Pack which is included in our course fee

Our Course Product Pack Includes:


-      Cowhide (Vachetta) Polishing & Nourishing Creams

-      Cowhide (Vachetta) Cleaning / Treatment Products

-      Specialist Multi-Purpose Leather Cleaner

-      ‘Milky’ Canvas Cleaner

-      Extra Strength Canvas Cleaner

-      General Purpose Polishing Creams

-      Specialist Patent Leather Cleaner

-      Fabric / Inner Lining Cleaner (M/P)

-      Edges Sealant (all main colours)

-      Hardware Cleaner (covering brass & plated hardware)

-      HBS Specialist Dyes / Colours for Leather & Patent

-      Horsehair Brush and application items

-      Sample Sheets of authentic leather (various)

-      Microfiber sponges and associated application items

-      Paint brush Pack


There are other application & treatment items given during the course

Item not included in the Product Pack


Please note that we teach Electroplating as part of the 4 Day In-Class & 4 Day Online Course fee but the equipment is not included

Hyper Bag Spa Plating
HBS Electroplating Kit 2.jpg
The HBS 'Pro' Electroplating Kit
The set includes all the necessary equipment for both Dip & Brush-On methods of plating as well as:

-      100ml 18k Gold Solution (Dip)

-      100ml 24k Gold Solution (Dip)

-      10ml 18k Gold Solution (Brush On)

-      150ml Cleaning Solution

Electroplating Kit Price - 18,000 THB
As mentioned, we demonstrate & teach the use of this equipment as part of the Pro Course, but the equipment is not included in the Product Kit. Please note for our Online students we have an entry level 'brush on' plating kit available, see below.
Hyper Bag Spa Starter Plating Kit

Entry Level – Starter Plating Kit

This set is designed to be simple, cheap and cost effective for shipping (low weight). Its built as an entry level kit to be used specifically for our online course, it allows students use a basic plating kit and system which is extremely effective for hardware restoration. It includes 10ml of HBS 18k Gold Solution and application swab (brush-on method).


Starter Kit Price - 6,900 THB  

For further information on our Products please CONTACT us

Hyper Bag Spa Past Students
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