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The Process (Online Course)

Firstly - What we Teach

Services Covered  on the 4 Day 'Pro Course' (see video for overview):

1. Hardware Treatments, for brass and plated metals

2. Bio Clean Treatments for Leather, Canvas, Patent & Fabric etc.

3. Bio Clean Treatments for Inner Linings

4. Stain & Mold Removal across multiple materials 

5. Vachetta Cowhide Treatments, both bright and patina

6. Colour / Dye Treatments from Colour Restore to Complete Re-Colouring ​

7. Electroplating (Plating Kit not included)

Cost - 53,000 THB or approx. $1,464 USD

Key Inclusions: Tuition, Product Pack & Shipping, Tech Support and Certification amongst others   

Please note we also offer a 2 Day 'General Course' where we teach Items 1 to 5 only - this course costs 26,500 THB. 

Please see the step by step guide for booking this course below

Handbag Restoration Students

Step by Step Process to booking this course:

1. Choose a course - either the 2 Day (Course 1) or the 4 Day (Course 2) and whether you would like to purchase the Online Plating kit (available for our Course 2 only)

2. Complete the Registration Form at the bottom of this page, stating your preferred dates and times along with delivery / address details for the Product pack.

3. You will receive an email with the details on dates, payment options and delivery information.

4. Once you have confirmed dates and payment has been made, the Product Pack will be delivered to you. Delivery takes approx 4 to 6 days worldwide. 

5. Prepartions on your side. In addition to the Product Pack, the student will require some basic domestic items to complete the course - please see the diagram below listing these hosuehold items. 

6. Prepare your Training Handbags: Branded or unbranded though it is better if branded bags are used, for both experience and confidence. Soft Leather, Fabric, Patent, Vachetta & Inner Linings. A mix of brass and plated hardware. Pictures of same should be emailed to HBS prior to training.

7. Ensure you have:

-High Speed Internet

-Monitor / Laptop – it’s not suitable via a phone

-Table / Comfortable Chair and suitable lighting on your end

-If possible that your web cam on your side is movable so Instructor can see your hands as you carry out the treatments. Laptop is also fine for this.

8. A zoom link will be sent to you the day before the training is scheduled to start - then there's nothing else to do but enjoy the Course ! 

Household Items Required
Register for the Online Course
What time is best for you?

Thanks for registering!

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