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Hyper Bag Sales & Accessories

If you think your old & worn bag has no value then think again !


At Hyper we provide our customers with the very popular 'Clean & Sell' package. We're linked to one of the largest used bag sales networks in Asia, allowing us access to larger markets and to achieve better rates for our clients.

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100% Authentic

Our Partners carry a large stock of pre loved items in excellent condition along with all kinds of bag related accessories. If you are interested in servicing or selling your bag or indeed buying a pre owned luxury brand then please EMAIL us or complete the Bag Sales Enquiry form below this page, stating which service you require or in the case of looking for a particular type of Bag - please indicate the brand and model and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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Vintage Pieces

We also carry out Restoration Projects on high value vintage pieces, which is a specialty of HBS. We receive these items from around the world and are trusted to lovingly restore these bags for our clients. If you have a vintage or unique item you wish to restore and sell or trade, please use the contact form below or EMAIL us with your details. 

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